West Edmonton Mall, Fantasyland indoor amusement park. (Now named Galaxyland.) On the evening of June 14, 1986, after the yellow train (train #1) completed the second inverted loop, it encountered one of three areas of uplift before the third and final loop. Missing bolts on the left inside wheel assembly of the last car of the four car train caused the bogey assembly to disengage the track with a full load of riders. This caused the final car to fishtail wildly, disengaging the lap bars as it collided with support structures, thereby throwing off passengers and losing speed. The train entered the third and final inverted loop, but did not have the speed to complete the loop. The train stalled at the top, then slid backwards, crashing into a concrete pillar. Three people, David Sager, 24, Tony Mandrusiak, 24, and Cindy Simms, 21, were killed during the accident and a fourth man was severely injured and nearly killed. At the time of the accident the park was packed with people who were attending a concert. The ride had shut down twice, as the operator had heard a metallic noise from the train prior to the accident. Despite running the trains empty, the source of the problem could not be located by the maintenance staff, and the regular operation of the ride resumed until the accident occurred. With the stage located atop the jumping fountains, many had a horrific view as the band played and the coaster derailed. The Mindbender was immediately closed. An investigation and
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32 Responses to Roller Coaster Crash In Edmonton Canada – 3 People Killed On Mindbender (1986)

  1. ThreadyCashdrummer01 says:

    this only means that it may have been WEM’s FAULT for the accident

  2. DarenHD says:

    @AvengerMaxwell I know, i was just being sarcastic and pointing it out to some retard

  3. AvengerMaxwell says:

    @DarenHD It says in the video title “Canada”

  4. hadil27 says:

    i thought the final destination is just a movie. :-/

  5. playlists99 says:


  6. dslgunner1977 says:

    @CerberusSoul4ever They don’t want to put up a plaque or hold a memorial because that would remind the mall’s customers that three people died on their rollercoaster, and possibly cost them business….
    insensitive bastards }:^(

    • Amie says:

      You should think about the familys & how they feel when its comes to this.. how do you think my dad feels being the only person to live from that four car accident.. It has changed his life in ways you would never believe.. Have some respect for the families who lost there loved ones.. There is gunna be a ceremonie for the 25th aniversary comming up pretty soon. If you dont like it dont look at it.. have a heart & think about someone else for once. :)

      • Timothy says:

        I totally agree the families have lost love ones that will never come back all because of a manufacture malfuction, and the stupidness of employees. My heart is with these families and I hope and pray God cures the pain

  7. dslgunner1977 says:

    That was really eerie seeing the body with the blanket over it, then the pool of blood on the floor.

  8. nyaxochitl says:

    Wow that’s cool! I wanna go there :)

  9. 7upac says:

    @nyaxochitl the amusement park is IN the mall. Former largest mall in the world.

  10. Blendeture says:

    @seguin19hall4 what are you, some kind of genius?

  11. seguin19hall4 says:

    You just copied the message box thing from wikipeidia

  12. KaoriProductionz says:

    this is 1996. they’ve made this ride so much safer. it is rly fun. total rush :)

  13. MaishidaSakusei says:

    I’ve been on the Mindbender many many time. It’s fun! Of course this is way after this happened.

  14. nyaxochitl says:

    Anyways I’m glad I found this video it’s the first real roller coaster crash I’ve seen all morning!! Ya I know I have no life :)(:

  15. nyaxochitl says:

    Is it a mall or an amusement park?? And what’s with people who think it’s wrong to look up these things? I think it’s interesting and yes I was looking up roller coaster accidents and I was expecting to see people die. I was curious I don’t see how that’s sick?

    And to meany1023 I saw some comments that you put on other videos. You said that your uncle died. Make up your mind!

  16. CerberusSoul4ever says:

    The Gremesians who own the mall are nothing but greedy fuckers. I hope the world knows that

  17. IIExiiLedII says:

    no shit something happened

  18. DarenHD says:

    @pierzedntattooed this isnt Japan?

  19. DarenHD says:

    @1zin1 you can barely see any blood and the bodies covered

  20. JvIattJvIan0077 says:

    Wow that’s soooooooooooooo sad :(

  21. meany1023 says:

    @pierzedntattooed u know this isnt in japan right and its in canada alberta edmonton?

  22. pierzedntattooed says:

    I don’t quite understand. Isn’t Japan supposed to be highly technical and all advanced in this sort of thing? Then why do they have the worst track record for accidents?

  23. TheJumpingdiva says:

    i was on that but not at that time

  24. Pinkpopian says:

    There is always a rainbow..
    But sometimes it’s a DOUBLE RAINBOW, ALL THE WAY!!

  25. saagalina says:

    ive been on that a million times before and now im terrrified

    • Seanna Marie says:

      That ride is literally fine I just went on it yesterday for the first time and it’s safe nothing happened it was scary but not deathly, it does cause neck pain though HINT : keep your head up

  26. Rockeiro says:

    OK People. Having been around in this era, let me tell you that they hired a full maintenance staff of qualified tradesmen to get the roller coaster certified by the province in it’s first year of operation. AS SOON AS the roller coaster was certified, they laid off the tradesmen and started doing the maintenance with part time, unqualified people. It wasn’t 6 months later the thing came off the tracks.
    We who were there then will never forget that this accident was totally the mall’s fault but they managed to squeak out of it by getting the manufacturer blamed for it.

  27. Gem12345609 says:

    Iv never trusted inside roller coasters i dont know why but they never seem as safe as otusides ones in theme parks and that….

  28. Lightning357 says:

    The year that happened it made international news i feel for the families but everybody is right there needs to be a memorial for the victims so that the families can finally get some closure thank you.

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